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No current divestiture opportunities exist at this time.  Please contact us to learn more about our confidential divestiture introduction services.

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Our source is looking to acquire companies with management teams open to partnering on strategic direction, operational effectiveness and growth initiatives.  Acquisition interests are concentrated on middle-market companies with stable operations and attractive market positions that can benefit from investor's operational guidance. Criteria for platform investments are as follows:

Industry Focus

  • Manufacturing, specialty distribution or service companies
  • Not interested in: retail, healthcare services, media/telecom, information technology, financial    services, personnel based services, apparel or businesses driven by fad or fashion

Company Characteristics

  • Attractive and defensible market positions
  • Favorable growth prospects and stable competitive dynamics
  • Positive historical cash flows

Management Orientation

  • Desire to work collaboratively in setting strategic objectives and priorities, continuously improving operational effectiveness, identifying growth opportunities, and making add-on acquisitions
  • Investor is Not involved in day-to-day operations
  • Will invest in management transition situations

Size Criteria

  • Enterprise values of $25 million to $200 million
  • At least $5 million pro forma EBITDA for platform investments
  • Will consider smaller and unprofitable companies as add-on acquisitions for portfolio companies
  • Equity investment of $10 million to $75 million

Please contact us to learn more about your business venture.

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New Ventures

Financial Mortgage Software Application

The Company has developed a revolutionary software application product that offers a disruptive advantage to prospective financial software OEMs as well as Lenders servicing the highly competitive financial mortgage marketplace.  The software application model is structured to allow a Borrower to pay down loan principal faster than conventional mortgages, with generally no additional costs or payments needed.  The software application model is designed to cover all principal loan direct, indirect costs, and earn the Lender a variable profit depending on market dynamics. More importantly, the software application model PROTECTS the Lender against the potential for escalating short-term interest rates.  This Borrower and Principal Lender benefit leads to inherent high consumer product demand.

Highlights include:

  • Registered Service Mark, U.S. Patent Pending, Copyright Registered, Financial Mortgage Software Application  

  • Mortgage Financing and Financial Software industry experienced Management Team in place in the US and UK  

  • Seeking Joint Venture, Technology Licensors, Co-Branding, and Private Label product commercialization partnerships

 Please contact us to learn more about this venture.

Clean Energy - Wireless Demand Optimization Controller Technology

Clean Energy-based provider of wireless peak demand controllers and web services founded in 2005 and expanding into the US market in 2009.  The Company's innovative energy management approach incorporates emergent systems theory and swarm logic algorithms and was featured recently by both MIT Technology Review and Business Week. The Company's unique approach enables individual nodes to make independent, group-optimized decisions that reduce overall energy consumption
without sacrificing occupant comfort.

The Company provides a wireless peak load management solution that is easily installed in the field, is ideally suited for commercial mid-market customers (100kW-1MW+), and has proven significant demand reduction in initial pilots. The Company's controllers employ distributed intelligence to provide a decentralized approach to load management and do not require any on-site skills or a Building Automation System (BAS) and have even consistently shown value when a BAS
is present.

Highlights include:

  • Seeking Joint Venture, Technology Licensors, Product Commercialization Partnerships

Please contact us to learn more about this venture.

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