Global Stock Trends Confidentiality Agreement


In connection with consideration by Global Stock Trends Corporation ("GSTC") of a possible relationship with ___________________________________ (the "Company"), the Company is prepared to make available certain non-public, confidential information regarding the business and strategy of the Company (the "Information").

As a condition to the Information being furnished to GSTC, it agrees (i) not to use the Information for any purpose other than in connection with evaluating the potential relationship, (ii) to keep the information confidential, and (iii) not to disclose the Information to any third party, however, GSTC may make a disclosure of the Information to its employees, advisors and affiliates as have a need to know and who agree to keep such Information confidential in accordance with this letter agreement and who are provided with a copy of this agreement and agree to be bound by the terms hereof to the same extent as if they were parties hereto.

Notwithstanding the above, GSTC shall not be prohibited from using or disclosing information furnished to it by the Company which (i) is or becomes generally available to the public other than as a result of disclosure by GSTC, (ii) was within GSTC's possession prior to its disclosure by the Company pursuant hereto, or (iii) GSTC is required to disclose by law or judicial order, provided that it shall promptly notify the Company of such requirement so that the Company may seek an appropriate protective order or otherwise seek to protect the confidentiality of such information.

GSTC agrees that upon the written request of the Company, it shall promptly destroy the Information and any notes, correspondence, documents or other records based thereon which are then in its possession.

It is acknowledged by the parties hereto that this agreement does not obligate GSTC or the Company to enter into any further agreement or to proceed with or participate in any relationship.

This agreement shall not be amended or terminated except pursuant to a written agreement duly executed by GSTC and the Company.


Company:__________________________________                             Company:    Global Stock Trends Corporation

Officer Name:_______________________________                            Officer Name:  Mr. Anthony Baro

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             ___________________________________                                            Suite 240, Boca Raton, Fl 33487

Tel:        ___________________________________                             Tel:        561-995-1412

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